Tim Thomas boycotted The white house and president Obama today. The bruins ( fucking beasty) were there to be honored as the Stanley cup champs. what do you think? Stay with your team and respect the leader of the free world ? I don’t know,if it was bush and I was playing, I would go, but only to say fhaaaack you under my breath. JK , iz dont know …..Was he a pussy for doing that?

  1. biggietoad answered:….
  2. godshammgod said: hand-written letter addressed to then President George H. W. Bush, expressing his discontent at the administration’s treatment of the poor and minorities. THAT’S how you handle business IMO
  3. godshammgod answered: When the Chicago Bulls visited the White House after winning the 1992 NBA Championship, Craig Hodges dressed in a dashiki and delivered a
  4. trulybadtiming answered: I think it depends on his reasoning. I don’t know what it was, but somehow I doubt it was legitimate.
  5. gameboypath answered: Refusing one’s congratulations is a rather dick move. But you can still like the Bruins as a whole.
  6. terminalimpacts answered: pussy. he sounds like a douchebag
  7. closertothelost said: I think that you’re allowed to stand up for what you believe, and if you don’t agree with Obama, you’re allowed not to go to the White House. What do YOU think?
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